New jewelry

New jewelry

As many of you will remember, for years I made and sold my jewelry exclusively at Artemis in Apalachicola. When the store closed this past January (2019) after a lovely 30 year run, I put the beads and supplies on the back burner so I could concentrate on doing art shows with my cloisonné and enamel paintings.

I have no interest in finding another store to carry the jewels, so I will make pieces and show them here (along with my enamel paintings and whatever else I decide to make) and sell them at wholesale.

Most of the beads are vintage, and the centerpieces are salvaged from old necklaces. I use crystals, bone, glass, plastic, wood, enamels, horn, amber, stones, you name it…..if it looks interesting, I’ll find some way to incorporate it into a necklace.

I will own, out front, that I know zip about photography, I’m just giving it my best shot. Pardon my inexperience while I learn.

Text me at (850) 573-4433 (or call) if you wish more info about a piece.

This is an old netsuke of a rooster with cream colored beads, crystals, and old 1950’s gold ovals, 32″ length. $165. ($335 originally).

Part of an old belly dancing necklace, this 31″ necklace is contemporary now and a perfect length for fall sweaters. The colors are peacock greens and blues. $62.50

The centerpiece here is an old Chinese piece for the year of the pig, hung with purple, greens, and mother of pearl rondelles, 24″ long, $62.50

A jade and 24k gold elephant hangs from an old, carved jade bead. New glass, crystals, jade chips, and carved bone make up the 26″ chain. $75.00

I love this piece. Bone, turquoise chips, opalite and small glass beads hang from an old middle eastern centerpiece. The chain is old Egyptian faience beads, bone discs and tubes, soapstone and glass beads. 22″, $85.00

Another middle Eastern pendant which is updated with pressed Czech and windowpane beads, glass faceted cubes and old chain in subtle shades of purple, pale amber and green, 28″, $75.00

This is all the jewelry for this week. Because I’m selling these at wholesale prices, let’s get the lengths just right for you. I have no problem altering things before I send them so that we don’t have to send them back and forth.

You can use any credit card. If I ship priority mail, it will be an additional $7.95. If we go first class, perhaps a dollar or two less.

Enamel and cloisonné painting will be posted next week.

Thanks, Carole

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