About me…

Hey there, many of you may have noticed (or maybe not) that you haven’t seen me around at art shows for a while.  These days I can be found at home in North Florida, working in the studio creating new enamels and jewelry or at Artemis Gallery in Apalachicola, Florida where I show my work.  I’m new to Facebook, new to my camera and new to a blog so you all are going to watch my competency grow (hopefully) as the weeks progress.   I will be posting photographs of older work as well as offerings of recently finished enamels and jewelry.   I  love writing and have been working on a series using old photographs, called Lies  You’ll be able to read these as well as just any old thing I wish to write about;  i.e. cats, characters in my enamels, or the musings of Palmyra the Cynical Fairy. This is going to be so much fun.


5 responses to “About me…

  • Chris O'Connor

    HI Carole, very nice website! I just sent you a FB Friend Request. Take good care of yourself until we get to talk (err…I mean write)

  • Michael Fagan

    Hi Carole….. Wassup?

  • Ann Kozeliski

    Carole, I am the director of the LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts in Tallahassee, and I would like to invite you to exhibit in February 2015. I recently spoke to Kristine Anderson of Apalach and she will be exhibiting as well. Please call me at the gallery to discuss details. 850-222-8800.

  • Stephanie Rodriguez

    are your works on sale online ? I saw some things at the Pink Palace Crafts Fair that I am interested in.

  • Kristal Parks

    Hi Carole! I am an elephant conservationist, based in Denver, but working in Kenya to stop the genocide of the Elephant Nation. A friend recently gave me one of your stamp pins that has an elephant on it. I, of course, love it! I am always looking for beautiful and unique things to sell to help raise money to fund my conservation efforts and so wonder if you have a bunch more of the stamp pins with an elephant? If so, what would be your wholesale price? 🙂

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