Obviously, by now, we can see that I am working my way through this website. 

The app for my blog is on my phone so that I may more easily access my camera. Bear with me.

I have been going through years of studio accumulation and I’m trying to make order out of the chaos. I will from now on out be posting pieces as they are finished. I’m working very few shows, perhaps six a year, and I also sell my enamels and my jewelry through Artemis Boutique in Apalachicola, Fl.

The series entitled “Ancestors….” is at an end but there are eight pieces left.  The enamels are 3″ and the overall outside size is 5″. These were once $85 but I will sell them for $50 + shipping. 

All other pieces, jewelry included, are current. If you are interested in something specifically, i.e., nudes, landscapes, sizes, etc., you may contact me by phone or email.


2 responses to “Ancestors

  • Gary (John) Guild

    Hi Carole, Gorgeous work. Your skill at layout, design and color sense are impressive. Your work really ‘flows’. Any chance that you are related to Mitch Jayne (The Dillards. Double Bass) and sister Valerie living in Van Nuys (Archwood Street) in the 60’s? If so, my brother (Ed) and I were your neighbors living across from you on Cantaloupe Ave. We also use to run with Tim Cooney on the corner and Liberace’s nephews (Lester and Rudy) down the block. Fun days remembered fondly now that I an old man (65 yo) !! Take Care, Gary (John) Guild

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