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Contacting me:

My email is or you may text me at (850) 573-4433. I am doing two art shows this fall:

RiverClay in Decatur, Al. (Near Huntsville) on Sept. 23/24

Telfair Art Museum, Savannah, Ga., Nov. 10-12.

At this moment, all pieces on the blog have sold and nothing will go up again until mid-November when I will have new work. 

Thank you to everyone who has viewed this and supported me. As a final thing for today, here are two recently finished, although already sold pieces:



Obviously, by now, we can see that I am working my way through this website. 

The app for my blog is on my phone so that I may more easily access my camera. Bear with me.

I have been going through years of studio accumulation and I’m trying to make order out of the chaos. I will from now on out be posting pieces as they are finished. I’m working very few shows, perhaps six a year, and I also sell my enamels and my jewelry through Artemis Boutique in Apalachicola, Fl.

The series entitled “Ancestors….” is at an end but there are eight pieces left.  The enamels are 3″ and the overall outside size is 5″. These were once $85 but I will sell them for $50 + shipping. 

All other pieces, jewelry included, are current. If you are interested in something specifically, i.e., nudes, landscapes, sizes, etc., you may contact me by phone or email.

“Choosing Your Ancestors”

My phone number:

Apparently, my replies are not being sent, so here goes: you can contact me at (850) 573-4433, or email me at

“The Woman Who Would Not Do Laundry”, $775, cloisonné enamel of fine silver on copper

New enamels, $125 each, pair for $225

Upcoming shows:

Decatur, Al., River Clay, Sept. 24/25 (near Huntsville)

Telfair, Savannah, Nov. 11-13, Telfair Art Museum

New necklace done from a scan from one of my enamels, old beads, old chain, $85, earrings $36

Antique amulet from Thailand $165

New enamel, $375