Monthly Archives: September 2014

Happy Fall

Even in North Florida we can tell that fall is coming; leaves are falling, flowers are leaning waay south, the night have dropped in to the 60’s and the days, after the hellish temperatures at the beginning of the month, feel just dreamy.  I still contend that fall is the one time of the year when you are guaranteed to be dressed inappropriately at least one during the day.  I guess if you are built like Kate Moss you ‘layer’ comfortably, but I do not.  I put on layers of clothes and I feel like I look like a kid in a snowsuit.  Still, no bitching, I am happy to change clothes several times a day and gleeful that the season of sweating has finally taken a hike.  You might want to check with me on that in a couple of months because once the temps drop to 50’s and 60’s during the day, I’ll really be whining.

I recently lucked into some lovely old wooden painted and gold leafed beads from Morocco and I’ve just made a lovely necklace and earrings which I put on display in Artemis.  Sunday is my last day in the store until the third weekend of October and come Monday I will hit the studio like a whirlwind…..can’t tell you how happy I’ll be.  I’ve laid out some truly gorgeous cloisonné and I can’t wait to put my hands on the finishing.  If I’ve time and can figure out how to photograph and get them onto this page, I’ll post them.



It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the middle of September and I still have a lot of work to do before the Pink Palace Art and Crafts Fair. I have done the wirework on a lot of lovely pieces already and I’m pretty excited to get to the filling and firing part. I’ll be at Artemis Gallery in Apalachicola on and off – really more on – for the next two weeks, working in the studio like a madwoman on the days I’m home. I keep hoping to get a pile of jewelry ready to photograph and post but I keep selling it at the store before that occurs. Guess that’s good but it is frustrating. Still working on my brick snail shell patio and who knows when that will be finished. Many projects in the works. Also, just added a show at the Lemoyne Gallery in Tallahassee which will run February 6-28, 2015. I will be in a gallery room with Kristin Anderson who will be displaying her lovely champlevé enamel jewelry. Bye for now, Carole